Mobile Advertising for Realtors

You spend a majority of your day driving around town, showing houses, going on listing appointments, meeting with clients, checking out comps and going to open houses and broker’s opens. Prospects are going to see your vehicle everywhere you go so why not leverage that to your advantage and turn it into a marketing machine?

There are a few similar products so let’s go over the main 3. The cheaper options aren’t exactly vehicle wraps for Realtors but they get lumped in the same category. In my opinion, I think they’re a bit cheesy and unprofessional, especially compared to vehicle wraps for Realtors.

With car windows, you’ll see people use their name, company, website, image, etc. as the decal. They are similar to magnets in that you can customize the piece as well as remove it but still not as professional and slick as true vehicle wraps for Realtors. The decal is on the inside of your window rather than the outside of your vehicle, as with the magnets.

That brings us to real vehicle wraps for Realtors to use. It could be a small wrap or design that only goes down the side of your car horizontally or it could literally wrap your entire vehicle all the way around.

With all 3 options, the point is to catch people’s attention and direct them to your site or phone. Not to have them see another Benz or Ford Focus drive by. Grab their interest, reel them in and tell them what to do. This should go without saying but, make sure you have your logo or name on whichever product you choose. Keep it consistent on all your marketing. Make sure you make everything big enough for people to read and give them either a phone number to call (make it easy to remember) or better yet, a short website for them to visit.

And please, car wrapping Denver realtors, do me a favor and, make the size of the text you use big enough to read if I’m farther than 1 foot away from it. The worst thing in the world is spending money on advertising that nobody can read. Some people don’t like this marketing weapon because it draws too much attention. That’s how I am. I just don’t like so much attention. The name of the game as an agent is to stand out, draw attention and use that attention to your benefit.

They’re going to know who you are, that’s for sure! And that’s what we want to have happen.

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How to Advertise Using Your Car

Many people are turning to unconventional advertising methods to promote their businesses. One example of this type of an approach is the use of car wraps. A vehicle wraps Denver, Colorado professional can provide exceptional value for your advertising dollars. Car wraps are:


When you install a car wrap, you are not limited to a single advertising spot or a single slot of time. You also have the opportunity to use van wraps on your delivery or service vans that you already drive around.

Highly Visible

This gives you the potential to reach a much larger audience with your car, van and truck wraps. Studies done by the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement have shown that a vehicle wrap can receive as many as 70,000 views in a single day.


When you wrap your vehicle with your company graphics or advertising message, you get your advertising space all to yourself. You are not competing with anyone else for the attention of your viewers, as you would be in a magazine or on a billboard.


Vehicle wraps usually last at least five years, and independent advertising researchers have estimated that they cost a mere $1 per thousand impressions. In addition, if you get changeable truck wraps or bus wraps, you can transform your advertisement completely at very little additional cost.


A car wrap gives your company a professional look and helps people see that you are serious about your business. As a result, they are more likely to trust your brand.


There are many different types of wraps, each one with its own unique set of advantages. These include:

Car Wraps

Many companies have already invested in company cars, and their employees drive them around not only during working hours, but after hours. You can maximize this investment by transforming these cars into advertising canvases.

Van Wraps

Vans have a much larger surface area than cars and can therefore convey a lot more information about a company. On the other hand, they are not as big as trucks and can consequently be taken a lot more places. In addition, many vans deliver goods or provide services, which puts them in contact with a wide range of potential customers.

Truck Wraps

Trucks have more different wrapping options than either vans or cars. You can wrap the entire truck to achieve maximum visibility and convey more company information, or you can do a partial wrap or use cut graphics to save money. You also have the option of installing a nearly invisible frame that can hold movable graphics.

Bus Wraps

Buses are often used to transport passengers all over town. This, combined with their great size, makes them the most visible advertising canvas there is.

Fleet Graphics

If you own a fleet of vehicles and get them all wrapped, you have greatly multiplied your exposure. These fleet graphics can either be the same from vehicle to vehicle, or you can use different vehicles to advertise different products. Either way, they provide a highly effective method of branding.

The success of a business can often be measured by the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Vehicle wraps Denver, Colorado users are finding it not only effective, but they cost less than other types of advertisement, are more visible and provide more control. With all of these advantages and so many different options, why wouldn’t you use this method to promote your business?

The author is an advocate of the vehicle wraps industry and would like to spread the good word about the benefits that vehicle wraps have to offer to any size business. For further information about car wraps, van wraps, truck graphics and the process of vehicle wrapping please visit our site.

Tinting Tricks

So you’ve invested in good quality used mirrors, but maybe you don’t know a few tricks of the trade for those installed by the pros. Whether you choose a traditional wall-mounted mirror or a small shelf-mounted mirror, you’ll discover a few simple tricks of the trade for your home. Whether you like to keep the lights dim, or you want to jazz up your existing windows, here are a few tricks of the trade for used mirror makers.

Conventional mirrors are made from glass, acrylic, fiberglass, and aluminum. All of these materials are moldable. The only thing that is different is the quality of the products you purchase. The materials are most often more expensive, but if you can find them for a fraction of the cost of a brand new mirror, that’s great news. Many people prefer the looks of glass or acrylic mirrors, and these aren’t quite as affordable as fiberglass mirrors.

Glass is very transparent, and many people like the traditional look. They can be decorative but aren’t exactly cheap. If you’ve done some research about the cost of using different types of glass for different purposes, you’ll find that fiberglass is a great value.

You can find acrylic mirrors that is actually made to withstand some pretty rugged conditions. You can find these at a discount, and many of them are made with high-quality components. You may have to dig a little, but there are some great deals out there. Many acrylic used mirrors are made to be environmentally friendly and will even last for at least a decade. Many people like the look of these types of mirrors, and the obvious choice if you’re looking for something that is a little more affordable, but doesn’t require major work to maintain.

Whether you like the light reflection or the overall look of your mirrors, it’s important to get one that suits your room. Some places might like black mirrors, while others may prefer colored ones. Either way, you need to take the time to choose a mirror that will work with your decor. People like to get the appearance they want, and it’s always nice to find an affordable way to do it.

For those with a professional outlook, there are a few tricks of the trade for tinting mirrors. You can use your refrigerator, towel, or cloth, or you can use paper or a tablet. In most cases, the paper will work best. With this type of mirror, you’ll probably find that it helps you control the amount of light coming into your room. The paper will also trap dirt, dust, and mold.

But for those just starting out, there are some easy tips for you to follow. You can use plastic tape or something similar to cover over the window. You’ll also need to take the curtain off of the window if you want to create drapery. Many people don’t like using this type of molding, but it’s perfectly fine if you’re trying to create some privacy. Remember to cover the light while you’re tinting the mirror, and don’t forget to use the paper or cardboard, or the reflection will be very difficult to control.